Turning Tragedy into Charity on the South Shore and More Stories On Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.  — On this episode of the OnSI podcast… A South Shore family looses its patriarch to the pandemic — how his family is celebrating his life and doing their best to turn tragedy into charity with a festive Halloween fundraiser for healthcare workers.

“I just respect them and appreciate them so much. So, we wanted to give back in this small way, and at least help celebrate my father’s legacy,” explained Francesca Santacroce.

Also this month, a firsthand account from the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis: Amy O’Sullivan, a brave nurse and Meiers Corners resident tells her story to the nation as she is named one of Time magazine’s most influential people of 2020.

“It was like a war zone. I can only say it was a constant explosion of patients. Every day, all day long, with no breaks. Everyone was so sick at the same time. There were so many staff members that were out sick. Some staff had to retire because they were so afraid that they were going to get sick and die,” recalled Amy O’Sullivan.

Plus, how the Island-based National Lighthouse Museum is doing its best to be a beacon of hope for the City’s cultural institutions by inviting New Yorkers to come experience the area’s unique maritime history.

“While you’re on the ferry, the secret thing is that the Statue of Liberty was a lighthouse at one point. So, you get to see your first lighthouse out in the middle of the harbor. I highly recommend people come see what we have and hear about our expansion plans,” said Linda Dianto.

Photo courtesy @on_a_rol.