Feeding the Borough’s Vulnerable Senior Citizens and More Stories On Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.  — On this episode of the OnSI podcast… Thanks to the generosity of others, Meals on Wheels of Staten Island can continue to feed those in need all across the borough during this most challenging year. The organization shares how it met the demand of vulnerable seniors on Thanksgiving and looks ahead to the new year with cautious optimism.

“What we’re most proud of is where we are vulnerable. So many of our volunteers are retired, older adults. The other area of vulnerability is the partnership we have with all 21 agencies on Staten Island serving populations with special needs. Typically, those programs would have some of their consumers onboard and delivering meals for us. All of those programs had to shut down way back in April,” said President and CEO of Meals on Wheels of Staten Island, Joseph Tornello.

Also this month, Congresswoman-Elect Nicole Malliotakis is prepared to represent New York’s 11th Congressional District in Washington, the first woman to do so in nearly a quarter-century. Hear how she plans to lead during this hyper-partisan era.

“This pandemic has been very difficult. Many loved ones were lost, businesses are being devastated by this, people lost their jobs, kids are not being educated like they should. There is a lot happening right now in our community, and we need to find ways to work together and get out of this crisis. And, I know we will.”

Plus, holy cow! A look back at the boom and bust of the Baby Bombers through the eyes of one of their biggest fans in Section 9, a well known area of Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George, filled over the years with locals fans having a great time with one another.

“The memories and the relationships are really intertwined. I couldn’t tell you what the win/loss records were each year, I couldn’t tell you the championship years, but I could tell you who sat next to us,” said Christopher Caputo, a season-ticket holder from the club’s inception in 1999.

Photo courtesy @jamin_photos