At Angel’s Circle in Grasmere a Pledge to “Never Forget” and More Stories On Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.  — On this episode of the OnSI podcast… The 19th anniversary of September 11th, 2001, was certainly different than previous years, with the fight against COVID-19 persisting, yet, for many on Staten Island, a borough hard hit by the pandemic and 9/11, the pledge to “Never Forget” remains as steadfast as ever.

“We don’t want to forget what happened that day because that was truly hatred. And to see what that did and what that destroyed. And yet, if we turn it around and we are kind and compassionate and do good for others, we can see what that can accomplish,” said Wendy Pellegrino, the founder and primary caretaker of Angel’s Circle.

Also this month, what seemed unlikely back in March, when schools were forced to shutter to help save lives during the Coronavirus’ deadly outbreak, another school year has been completely upended… how two community-based programs are providing educational services for Island students.

“Parents are under a great deal of stress. And when they’re walking in, they’re coming in—to a degree—somewhat defeated. So, I want to reassure them that when you walk into our locations, we’re going to help you out,” said Deric Borrero, the co-owner of The Resource Room.

Plus, as small businesses start to pickup the pieces from unprecedented lockdowns and forced closures, one locally-owned gym of 23 years is especially pumped to get back into action.

“People really miss coming to the gym, the camaraderie and also the extensive equipment, and just being around other people that motivate them in whatever their fitness goals are,” said Paul Inchierchiera, who has owned and operated P.I. Fitness for 23 years.

Photo courtesy @raychambers70 on Instagram.