Staten Island Gyms Are Pumped to Reopen, P.I. Fitness Lauds Loyal Members

With COVID-19 restrictions slowly being relaxed in New York, business owners across the Island are finally able to get back to work, generate revenue and re-connect with customers and clients. For some, it’s the first chance they’ve had to get back on their feet in six months.

Paul Inchierchiera, who has owned and operated P.I. Fitness for 23 years, said he and other neighborhood establishments were nearly ruined by circumstances that were no fault of their own.

“You have to be resilient and have to know that you have to tough it out,” he said. “And, it was a tough time. You’re talking about a small business that’s been around for a long time having to be shut down for six months. It was very difficult, and trying, at times.”

Inchierchiera said his loyal members helped keep him focus on better times ahead, with some donating cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers. Others even pitched in to help paint and refurbish the gym interior, so it would be ready to go at a moment’s notice. He said he’s finding locals are eager to get back into their workout routines.

“People really miss coming to the gym, the camaraderie and also the extensive equipment, and just being around other people that motivate them in whatever their fitness goals are,” he said.

Photo courtesy @pi.fitness_si on Instagram.