Lifelong Staten Islander Casts a Positive Light on the Borough During Uncertain Times

As the COVID-19 emergency consumed just about everything this spring, one Staten Islander responded by finding like-minded people and community stakeholders to converse with about the positive responses occurring throughout the borough.

Anthony Rapacciuolo, the owner of PRcision LLC., a South Shore public relations and marketing firm, launched and now hosts COVID Talks, a nightly web series with guests ranging from local journalists and entertainers to educators and Island politicians.

Rapacciulo said his goal was to give Staten Islanders a release from the daily grind of bad news.

“We do need to hear the negative, because we need to stay aware and we need to be informed of what’s really going on. But, at the same time, there is only so much we can take.”

He said a takeaway from all of his talks is that Staten Island is going to get through this and become an even stronger community.

“During times of tragedy and crisis, Staten Islanders always band together. Staten Islanders are always there for each other. They have each other’s backs,” he said, “We are a very unique borough, but we’re also a very special borough, and that’s something that has been a resounding theme of the whole series and something that I am proud to highlight.”

Photo courtesy @theessentialheroes